You are only recognized once you are seen 

29 years in the market – we’ve been making you visible and successful all across Europe since 1992


production area

We are one of the leading signage manufacturers in the Baltic States and we’re trusted in all the Europe – 100% of our production is for export.


manufactured yearly

We are highly efficient without ever compromising on quality. Our way to long-term success is based on continuous investment into equipment, staff training and work environment.

100 000

materials used yearly

We manufacture advertising products from a broad range of the highest quality materials. We glue and weld, we mill and bend – there’s really nothing we can’t do.


in the market

When we started in 1992, we were among the first signage companies in Lithuania. Today, with over 130 employees and more than 5000 products manufactured yearly, we are the biggest.


Signage Design

We ensure the flawless result – from design and precise technical plans to manufacturing, installing and maintenance service. We know every detail of the process and guarantee the quality – in written, as well.


Signage Manufacturing

Quality interior and exterior signage promotes your brand 24/7. We master every detail to ensure that it’s eye-catching, durable, and blends into the surroundings perfectly.



Your signage must look flawless at all times. We believe it’s our duty to ensure that. 

  • We issue warranties for both our installation services and the individual products manufactured and installed. 
  • We accept post-warranty maintenance requests and are keen to offer you the best solutions.
  • We carry out installation and maintenance work in the entire EU and Schengen area.

Looking for a reliable signage manufacturer? Found one.