Admen investment in new equipment to upgrade capabilities and expand capacity

Ermaksan Speed Bend Pro 4100x175

Introducing our biggest and heaviest equipment Ermaksan Speed Bend Pro with its impressive 4100-millimeter bending length and 175-ton bending power.

It has replaced previous bending machine and expanded our capabilities to work with almost all standard material sizes found in the market.

The state of the art software and digital HEIDENHAIN linear scales allow us to take on even more complicated and challenging projects.

Ergonomic design, handy optional equipment, fast and precise bending makes this unit one of the most effective appliance in our toolbox.


Mecapro 3020-PA2-CONTI

The newest addition to our four strong milling capacity - Mecapro 3020-PA2-CONTI. It has replaced our oldest and technologically outdated milling machine. With such parameters, it falls as one of the leading machinery on our factory floor.

  • Industry standard table size X-Y-Z : 3050/2070/225 mm
  • Modern 7,5 kW / 10HP ESD ES929 Electrospindle
  • Automatic 6 tool rack
  • 8 zone vacuum table for maximum efficiency and minimal energy consumption

With this addition, all milling machines could be run from the same software. It is operators delight and perfect mean to boost the production rate.


Epson SureColor SC-S80610 eco-solvent printer and Flexa XPRO LM160 Laminator

A completely new chapter in our production – Large Format Printing

A new machine in our manufacturing facility that we have never had before, the New Epson SureColor SC-S80610 eco-solvent printer

The new printer has been developed in response to the increasingly competitive market environment. This printer is unique, with more stable higher resolution print quality while maintaining high print and application productivity, less maintenance, and lower operating costs.

The new Epson UltraChrome GS3 inks are PANTONE certified with up to 98% color matching. The printer uses 9 colors and can be supplemented with another option, white or silver. Epson inks have a 3-year service life without lamination.

With this new high-end printer, we get the best print quality and excellent color compatibility.

Nice supplement, laminator Flexa XPRO LM160 which will speed up work and protect end product.