FIFA Futsal World Cup image campaign: The importance and love of football helped to overcome the extreme challenge.

The FIFA Futsal World Cup in Lithuania was organized in an unusual situation for an event of this magnitude. One of the main requirements of the event, the strictly regulated image campaign of the championship, is recognized by the manufacturers: The project became a production and management test for all levels.

The promotional design of Lithuania's three largest Arenas, Vilnius Airport and hotels, was implemented in a record-breaking short time and required exceptional mobilization, management, and human resources.
According to Edgaras Stankevičius, general secretary of the Lithuanian Football Federation (LFF), the biggest challenge was coordinating the preparation process due to the pandemic COVID -19. FIFA representatives were unable to visit Lithuania as often as usual before organizing championships of this magnitude. Most of the work on designing and adapting the look of the Arenas only took place remotely, online. And it was not until the representatives arrived on site that it became clear what nuances and details needed to be changed quickly to meet the extremely tightly regulated advertising requirements. This required extremely active communication with partners and other responsible parties. By joining forces, we managed to overcome the challenges and maintain the required level of preparation for the championship.

"This is already common practice at FIFA events, but such a practice is not yet common in Lithuania. When an event of this magnitude takes place, the arena must be completely clean (clean site), which means that no brands can be left behind, unless they are partners of a tournament. Therefore, the preparation of the Arenas in Vilnius, Kaunas, and Klaipėda consisted of two parts: the preparation of a clean site in all Arenas and the preparation of the already agreed promotional products. The image of the arenas covered every corner of the arena, the preparatory work took more than 6 months, and we had about 2-3 weeks to implement the prepared "concept". We received very good impressions and feedback that the arenas look very nice and seamless - from the entrance to the seats in the arenas the spectators saw a solid visual image and only the image related to the championship, so we managed to achieve the set goal", says LFF Secretary-General Edgaras Stankevičius.

UAB ADMEN BALTIC, which won the LFF's competition to produce promotional materials for the championship, evaluated a similar competition in 2011. With the experience gained at the European Basketball Championship, the scope and specificity of the work were recognized and it was found that this time the requirements were even stricter and the circumstances were new and very unpredictable.

"In just 10 days, we had to manufacture and install a particularly large amount of product, coordinate a huge, very diverse and ever-changing volume of work! We realized that we had to prepare the homework especially conscientiously - aligning every single position (out of thousands) so that it is clear to every employee what and where to install, where and how the final product should look like," said Giedrius Kiuberis, Director of UAB ADMEN BALTIC. "Accurate communication is always a challenge in production, and even with the quality standards of LFF and FIFA! We had over 100 people who needed to be introduced to the project quickly and accurately. I must stress that the people were particularly focused, organized, and motivated. Not only did he feel the professionalism required in absolutely all the decisions, but also the sense of the importance of the event and the love of football that permeated the whole atmosphere of the project, which helped him not to think about fatigue and crushing responsibility. “

Advertising production was carried out in the production unit UAB ADMEN BALTIC Kaunas, which was installed in the three largest Arenas in the country: Vilnius Avia Solution Group, Kaunas Žalgiris, and Klaipėda Švyturys, including 9 training halls. Cooperation with FIFA is clearly evaluated by UAB ADMEN BALTIC, one of the largest Lithuanian advertising producers, as an exceptional experience in the history of the company's projects.


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