Joint project by major Dutch banks to be produced in Lithuania

Lithuanian sign manufacturer ADMEN is set to produce advertising constructions for modern ATMs in the Netherlands. The new cash dispensers are unique in style, but the true novelty lies in its function – the new ATMs will serve not one, but three major Dutch banks.  


Three leading Dutch banks: Rabobank, ING and ABN Amro have decided to partner on a strategy to consolidate ATM locations. Reliable and unified technology is expected to be a breakthrough in the financial sector and bring new opportunities to its clients. The brand new yellow cash dispensers, called Geldmaat, will be fully introduced before the end of 2020. 

 “It was a year ago when VIM Group, one of the leading project management companies in the Netherlands, sent us the first query about this revolutionary project. Thanks to the successful bank rebranding projects in the past, we had all the necessary recommendations. The project caught our attention instantly. It was innovative in its approach to business and style. We are used to banks looking for a subtle and classy design, while bright yellow Geldmaat is more inspired by a modern culture,” says Ruslanas Aleksandravicius, the CEO of Admen. “By the time we joined the project, several different signage manufacturers were working on the project producing competing solutions for the unified ATM initiative. We decided to go an extra mile – meet customer’s requests and suggest additional recommendations. At the end of the day, it all worked out – the client chose us over some of the greatest signage producers in Europe. The project has helped to put our company on the map and is one of the greatest achievements this year.”

ADMEN may be celebrating today, but it took a collective effort to achieve success. Project production manager Dovydas Valentinavicius says, “At first, we were only asked to send our consultations on some technological solutions, yet we have answered with a few amendments to the original design too. The proposed construction was fully tested by our research and development department. 

The next challenge was to find the right materials and design. We had to create a shockproof layer, then find special materials like organic glass or specifically coloured LED modules and cover it all with an anti-graffiti coating. Needless to say, I am pleased with what our team has achieved!”