New Head of ADMEN BALTIC: 
“Advertising is a viable sector – it will always adapt to changes”

“Wherever decisions or plans need to be changed, there will always be the need for advertising. "Please make us visible," is a request we receive from clients nearly every day. It best expresses our vision and mission, and defines specific production targets since with each new request we have to address an entirely different situation, and look for tailor-made solutions ensuring the best visibility possible,” says Giedrius Kiuberis, the new head of ADMEN BALTIC, a company that specialises in the production of outdoor and indoor advertising. Being director of Admen Baltic, a high-tech innovative advertising production company, poses a new challenge for a 28-year-old who took up the role a few months ago.

– You are taking over management of the company a period of particular dramatic change, when so much of life has moved online. How will it affect the outdoor advertising sector?

One of the universal characteristics of business is the ability to weather crises and changes. If there is a demand for a particular business, the company will find ways to answer that demand. This is exactly what our company does. As the world changes, so do we as manufacturers of physical advertising. We explore, closely monitor changes, and introduce innovations to adapt to the dynamic market and ever-changing clients’ requests. I’m confident that through implemented innovations and continuous technological progress, outdoor advertising will continue to visually represent the needs of our clients. As long as the world stands, there will be outdoor advertising signs. 

Lately, information flow has become so intense that people have to filter it. What needs to be done within the advertising sector to reach the required flows? 

Now is a great opportunity for change. The time is coming when many companies will be looking for previous as well as brand new clients, so perhaps it's worth considering updating the advertising, which would show that you’re ready for a fresh start.  Our goal is to transfer the client’s message to its customers. First, the message must be of high quality. Regardless of the client’s business sector – be it providing services or selling goods, the work we carry out should be seen as the commercial face of the client – the advertising signs have to be visually complete, of superior quality. In this way, the sign becomes attractive and useful tool for the end user. 

 – Who is the user of your services – large enterprises or SMEs? 

Everyone who cares about quality. The market of our company is clearly defined and not very vast – it is Lithuania and two other Baltic countries, Latvia and Estonia. All clients – both big and small, are important to us. In fact, it is everyone who cares about the quality of advertising. With equal degrees of responsibility, we work both with global brands and, let’s say, a client who has ordered a signboard for a small snack bar or cafeteria. 

What experience will you bring to the company? And what will you be overseeing? 

I will manage the ADMEN BALTIC company, which belongs to ADMEN group of companies, which develops activities in the Baltic region. We are the real experts in advertising, having amassed experience enabling us to provide advice on all matters of outdoor and indoor advertising and to find solutions to any challenge. I hope my professional and commercial experience will benefit the company. 

Information by ADMEN BALTIC Administration
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