Signage Manufacturing

The secret to our success is flawless quality

We design and manufacture signage products for over 30 years now. We can offer a wide range of services from consulting, creative and technical design to manufacturing, installing and maintenance. 

We use only the highest quality materials and apply the most robust technologies. Our work style relies on certified quality assurance and management systems, and we are never late to deliver the job. That is how we got the most important brands to trust us and that is how we keep our clients happy. 

Our Research and Development specialists continue to improve current technical solutions, implement new ones and test them with experimental products.


Interior & Exterior Signage

Our vast experience together with our engineering and manufacturing know-how enable us to work on a variety of projects – simple and standard, complex and tailored.


Unique & Architectural Solutions

Every client request is unique, that‘s why we carefully select the most suitable materials and technology, making each order a tailor-made solution – and it‘s always worth the effort.


Capacity & Technology

Our manufacturing facility works two shifts, nevertheless, we can expand our capacity on demand and reach up to 750,000 Euro worth of production in one month.