EU funding

Admen attends EU support project No. 03.3.1-LVPA-T-859-01-0016:

“Production of products needed to combat COVID-19”

During the project, UAB Admen plans to acquire innovative equipment and develop the production of the following COVID-19 products: protective face shields, protective walls/partitions (hanging, built-in, mobile), non-contact temperature meters, non-contact flow meter with automatic hand disinfection, and protective equipment issuance function. Acquired innovative equipment will allow to produce new products, expand the production volume of products, ensure better product quality.

Name of the project executor: UAB "ADMEN"

The total value of the project: EUR 129 260.00

European Union contribution: EUR 122 797.00

Start of the project: 2021-02-22

End of the project: 2021-04-08